FIV (2)

IVF Own eggs and donor sperm

The eggs are collected after ovarian stimulation and then fertilized in the lab with the donor sperm. Once fertilized, the egg becomes an embryo and is transferred to the uterus to continue its development there.

When is it indicated?

Whenever it is necessary to resort to a semen sample (couple without sperm or with very severe alterations in them, woman couples or woman seeking pregnancy alone) and also that this is associated with another altered female cause such as:

Obstruction or absence of the fallopian tubes, Severe alterations of semen quality, Severe Endometriosis, Ovulation disorders, Immunological alterations (ASA – presence of antisperm antibodies in semen), Previous failures in low complexity treatments, Need for a Preimplantation Genetic Diagnosis.

What are the steps of the IVF / ICSI?

Step 1

Pre-treatment consultation / Cycle programming.

Step 2

Ovarian stimulation with subcutaneous injectable hormonal medication, for 8 to 10 days. 2 to 4 ultrasound checks are done during those days.

Step 3

Ovarian follicle puncture and oocyte aspiration in the operating room and with mild sedation to avoid discomfort. Fertilize with donor semen.

Step 4

After fertilization, between the 2nd and 5th day we carry out the embryo transfer

Step 5

Pregnancy test 12 to 14 days after embryo transfer.

Step 6

1st pregnancy ultrasound at 2 weeks after the positive pregnancy test.