What is surrogacy?

Surrogacy (GS) is an Assisted Fertilization treatment for those people or couples who wish to have a child and cannot do so due to their inability to gestate and/or carry a pregnancy to term for health (infertility) or social reasons (structural infertility).
In other words, a woman who will only carry out the pregnancy, the parents being the person/s who have the procreational will to have a child.

When is it indicated?

Women who do not have a uterus or have a highly affected uterus

Women who have had repeat abortions of uterine cause

Women who have a disease that contraindicates carrying out a pregnancy

In case it is a single man or a couple of men

Some considerations about surrogacy treatment

The Gestation by Substitution treatment is done in a multidisciplinary way, where a medical team intervenes, together with the psychology team and the embryology laboratory.

It is essential to consult with a lawyer with knowledge in the subject of surrogacy, to understand and plan responsibilities and obligations of the parties involved and issues related to the future registration of the unborn child.

In addition to consultations for medical treatment, the FERTILIS psychology team will schedule interviews for who will be the parents (clients), the egg donor (if donated eggs are necessary) and also the pregnant woman.

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