Do you want to be an egg donor?

Fertilis will carry out several studies to see if you can donate:


Blood test

Genetic studies

Psychological interview

All this will allow us to evaluate your fertility free of charge, so that it´ s risk free and ensuring your peace of mind. You will be given information throughout the process so that you can decide with all the guarantees. We offer strict confidentiality, personalized treatment and comfort thanks to our top of the line facilities

How is the egg donation process?

The process is simple. It lasts from 10 to 12 days and with two or three visits to FERTILIS and you will be ready to go. In each instance, every part of the process will be explained in detail so that you do not have any doubts. The time when you donate the eggs lasts about 20 minutes
and is painless.

It is important that you understand that egg donation will not affect your fertility in the future.
You can repeat it if you wish, we also encourage you to ask us everything you do not understand because we want you to have the greatest security and confidence in this act of generosity.

Apply to the program

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