Choose high-quality sperm

A healthy sperm increases the success of an IVF treatment.
At Fertilis we use the ZyMot system to select healthier sperm samples for the treatment.

Not all sperm are the same

Every man, even when healthy, has a quality range of sperm in his semen. Nature is not perfect, some sperm are good, some sperm are not so good, and some sperm may even be dead. When we are facing cases of infertility due to the male factor, normally semen with sperm with low motility is encountered, or with very few sperm, sperm with abnormal morphology or damage to the genetic material that the sperm contains (DNA fragmentation).

No matter your age or health, put your best sperm forward

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As part of fertility treatment, the semen sample must be processed to select sperm that are capable of being combined with an egg to form a good quality embryo. The success of artificial insemination or in vitro fertilization depends, among many factors, on obtaining the healthiest sperm. Healthy sperm cells help create a healthy embryo and a successful pregnancy.

Not all sperm processing methods are the same

Traditionally, a fertility clinic would process the semen sample using a method that involves centrifugation to separate the good sperm from the bad. That procedure hasn’t changed much since the beginning of reproductive medicine. But recent research has shown that centrifugation can damage sperm by increasing the fragmentation of their DNA. This can lead to poor pregnancy results.

ZyMot: A better way to process sperm

A better way to process sperm without the need for centrifugation has recently been developed, called Zymot. With this device, the sperm are selected taking advantage of the natural swimming abilities of the sperm to separate the healthiest and best performing ones.
By avoiding centrifugation there is no further damage to the sperm.